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Our process is simple, but in case you want
more details, we gladly break it down:

Fill in the form or give us a call. We’ll ask you for some simple information about the property to know what we’re offering on.  We promise not to ask for any personal information or your first born.

We will evaluate the property based on the information you provided.  This process can take anywhere from an hour to up to 24 hours depending on how many people are trying to sell to us that day. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can get your offer.

We will call you back with our cash offer, then schedule a quick walkthrough. The walkthrough is quick.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to clean up for this.  We’re there to look at the property, not your dirty laundry on the floor.  We buy AS-IS.

Now it’s time to sign the contract.  We use a standard contract used by agents/brokers.  We will explain anything, or we can even wait for you to have your spouse, brother, sister, Tio, Tia, sancha or sancho help you review it.  Let us know when you need to close and we will make it happen.

Cha ching!  You come to the title company, sign the paperwork and get crisp $100 bills.  Well actually you’ll get a check or wire from the title company but you can always get to your bank and get you some crisp new Benjamins.

How We Come Up With Our Offers

We use a simple formula which helps to make sure you get the maximum amount possible for your house, while also making sure there’s enough meat on the bone for us to eat as well. 

Let’s say your spouse, brother, sister, Tio, Tia, sancha, sancho or agent/broker friend say your house is worth $200,000.  This is how we come up with our offer:

Full property value = $200,000

Less our margin of 30% = $60,000

Initial offer amount = $140,000

But wait, let’s say your house looks like it’s 1985 in there with pink bathroom tile and wood paneling throughout the house.  Well we’ll need to make it look like it’s this decade in there to justify the $200,000 you’re thinking it’s worth.  So the offer changes as follows:

Initial offer amount = $140,000

Renovation budget = $40,000

Adjusted offer = $100,000

Assuming no mortgage or any other liens, you walk away with a cool $100k!

Sell Your House Fast, No Hassles, No Headaches!

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What Is The Inspection Process Like?

Don’t worry, we buy houses in any condition. 

The walk through is not to nit pick everything that is wrong with the house, it is more so that we know exactly what we’re going to need to do to it once we buy it. Daniel and Jenny drive out to your house and will take some quick photos and a brief video and that’s pretty much it.  The process takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes and we’ll be out of your hair.  Just make sure you have someone there that’s 18 years and older.

How Long Does It Take To Close?

After the contract is signed, we’ll send it to the title company to make sure they dot the Is and cross the Ts on the paperwork.  We pay them to shuffle the paper, so we both don’t have to.  They will order the title commitment for our title insurance the day they receive the contract and approximately 1-2 weeks later, we’ll know what paperwork will be required to close the sale. 

After receiving the title insurance commitment, we can typically close within a few days and get you paid

Sometimes we do run into situations where there is something wrong with the title which may require additional paperwork and time.  If this happens with your sale, we will be sure to keep you informed and give you a revised estimate of how much longer it will take to close. 

We do understand there are times when sellers need some time to plan their next move so we can close as fast or as slow as you need, just let us know and we’ll work towards that date.

What Happens After Closing?

Cha ching! You got paid! 

Is it time to go? 

Do I have to leave the same day? 

No, as long as you let us know when we sign the contract that you will need some time after you get your money, we will gladly let you stay in the house for up to 30 days AFTER closing!  We understand that your situation may require cash from the sale so we’ll let you get your money first and then plan your next move.   

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in McAllen and throughout the Rio Grande Valley. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (956) 335-3143...
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