Have a “pocket listing”?  Is it a great deal?  We love working with local agents.


Why refer to us?

  • We get deals closed.  Don’t let another transaction “fall through” because the buyer can’t get financed.
  • We won’t ask for inspection periods or appraisals.  We buy “as-is”.  Don’t let another transaction “fall throug” because of major repairs.
  • We are involved in the process.  We maintain constant contact with our title company to make sure the process runs smoothly and we get the deal closed on time.  Doing a deal with us will likely be the easiest commission you’ve ever made.
  • We “pay it forward”.  We get leads for properties that don’t meet our buying criteria so we refer those leads to agents just like you!  Agents who send us deals get priority when it comes to referring sellers.  You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours.

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